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10 Best Metal Albums of 2012 . . . So Far

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Dropped by Robert Miller

The rest of The Dropp already compiled their 25 Best Albums of 2012 . . . So far, so I wanted to share with you my personal opinion on the 10 Best Metal Albums of 2012 . . . So Far.

June marks the halfway point in the year, and it’s time to take a look at what 2012 has given us in the metalverse. There have been some great releases this year (and some absolute jokes. Hahaha: Lamb of God and anime!). I’m even pleased to say a lot of great stuff came from our own swampy backdoor here in Florida. And if you saw in my first edition of Blaze in the Southern Sky you may have noticed that a lot of the best metal has been coming out of the stoner/doom realm lately. (Dem kids like their concussions.)

Not sure what it is about the slow, drudging heaviness of deep riffage that collapses on a good doom metal album, but I haven’t been able to get enough of the stuff. One of our top contenders for the year so far is a UK-based doom metal band, Conan. Their music is steeped in fantastical imagery, soaring vocals and just the perfect tone. Interestingly enough, screamo made the list (yep, it’s still around). But I’m talking Orchid and Pg. 99 era, folks, none of the early 2000s bullshit where treating your jet-black bangs like an eye-patch was the only requirement for the most cruelly labeled genre. Also, our number one—bossman metal band of 2012—is a ferocious black metal group that hit harder, faster and with more habitual power than you can shake an inverted cross at! Don’t miss out on any of these releases, because it’s some of the most powerful stuff coming your way.

Anhedonist - Netherwards

10 Anhedonist: Netherwards

Anhedonist: “Estrangement”

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Nadir

09 Beyond Terror Beyond Grace: Nadir

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace: “Requiem For The Grey”

Mutilation Rites - Empyrean

08 Mutilation Rites: Empyrean

Mutilation Rites: “A Season of Grey Rain”

07 Aldebaran: Embracing the Lightless Depths

Aldebaran: “Occultation Of Dim Carcosa”

Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

06 Black Breath: Sentenced to Life

Black Breath: “Feast of The Damned”

Gates of Mourning - Nightfall Blooms and Golden Horns

05 Gates of Mourning: Nightfall Blooms and Golden Horns

Gates of Mourning: “Of Beauty, Lust and Thrones of Blood”

High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis

04 High on Fire: De Vermis Mysteriis

High on Fire: “Serums of Liao”

Loma Prieta - IV

03 Loma Prieta: I.V.

Loma Prieta: “Fly By Night”

Conan - Monnos

02 Conan: Monnos

Conan: “Hawk As Weapon”

Drudkh - Eternal Turn of the Wheel

01 Drudkh: Eternal Turn of the Wheel

Drudkh: “Farewell To Autumn’s Sorrowful Birds”



01 Fire in the Cave: Fire in the Cave
02 Alcest: Les Voyages de l’Ame
03 Torche: Harmonicraft
04 Earth: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
05 Off!: Off!

Mon Jun 11

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