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Death Wish Coffee Company

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Death Wish Coffee Company 1lb pre-ground bag.

Dropped by Mallory Winstead

The strongest tasting coffee and the most caffeinated coffee are not found in the same cup. That’s because the longer you roast the coffee beans the more caffeine gets pulled out. The darker the roast the more robust the flavor is but when you’re looking for the most caffeine content you need to look toward the lighter roasts. That was, until Death Wish Coffee was created. They boast that their coffee has about 200% more caffeine than your typical coffee shop coffee. Their coffee is grown organically, fairly traded, shade grown (which saves the land) and last but certainly not least, bird friendly. Death Wish Coffee Company’s website has a disclaimer stating that “this is extreme coffee, not for the weak.” “Consider yourself warned.” Anyone who knows me knows that I was instantly intrigued.

The morning after my 1 lb packaged bag of pre-ground Death Wish Coffee arrived I very reluctantly pulled myself out of my cozy bed. I stayed out the night before so the early morning rays of light hit my eyes like laser beams. I’m pretty sure I resembled Frankenstein as I made my way to the kitchen, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Death Wish Coffee Company recommends using 1.5 tbsp of fine ground coffee per 8 oz cup of filtered water. As I measured 5 tbsp out of the bag I mumbled “this better work.”

After about a minute or so of my coffee dripping, my kitchen was filled with the most fragrant aroma. I felt like I was in my favorite little coffee shop back in San Francisco, except there was no line. Living in San Francisco made me a fan of straight, nothing added iced coffee, mainly because I had to keep up with the hustle of the city and I didn’t have the time to wait for a steaming hot cup of coffee to cool down. That and I’m also extremely impatient. For years, I’ve been drinking cup after cup of coffee to get me through the day. I have a cup or two in the morning with my Ginkgo Bibola, a cup while I’m at the library trying to meet deadlines, at lunch while I’m downtown catching up with friends, even if I’m out to dinner with a good looking guy; I’m usually always with coffee in hand.

Caffeine works by increasing your dopamine levels, which makes you feel happier and blocks adenosine receptors which stops you from getting drowsy. Caffeine is shown to temporarily increase one’s ability to learn by increasing comprehension, memory, reflexes and clarity of thought. Ninety percent of Americans consume caffeine in some form each day. I choose coffee.

My expectations for Death Wish Coffee were low. I figured the strongest coffee in the world would also be the most bitter and harsh coffee in the world. I assumed it would taste like over-cooked, stale coffee and I was expecting a repulsive after taste. Well, my expectations couldn’t have been more wrong.

As I poured Death Wish over ice, I noticed the beautiful deep brown hue. As the steaming hot coffee hit the ice cubes it made them crack apart and start to float. I eagerly stuck a red stripped straw in and took my first sip.

The fullness of the liquid was the first thing to hit my tongue. It was deep, rich and seemed to have layers of intensity. Since it was on ice, a cold rush of complex notes (almost nutty tasting) smoothly slid down my throat, waking me up instantly. The consistency seemed to be creamy even though it was completely unadulterated.

Two cups of Death Wish Coffee got me through the whole day. I didn’t have to stop at any coffee house while I was taking care of errands, I didn’t need a coffee in my hand while I was grocery shopping and I didn’t have to order coffee while I was out to eat with my family later that night. I had just the perfect amount of energy without the shakes or feeling constantly anxious. It was a really good feeling. So, if you’re like me, and constantly pump yourself with coffee throughout the day, I recommend Death Wish Coffee, it’s a little pricey, being twenty dollars for a 1 lb bag, but totally worth it. Just think about how much money you’ll save with not having to grab a coffee every other hour.

Death Wish Coffee Company

Fri May 11

27 Responses to Death Wish Coffee Company

  1. Brittanni says:

    Wonderful review! I’m not the biggest fan of coffee but this definitely has me interested.

  2. Gabby says:

    cool beans…..

  3. DK says:

    Great Stuff !! I figured the same as you what I save by not getting those 6 cups of coffee all day will make up for the slightly more expensive DWC. Too bad most people don’t understand STRONG coffee isn’t always the highest in caffeine.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Thank you so much for your review. I am an avid coffee drinker and I am always looking for great coffee. I choose to stay away from the chain coffee shops like Starbucks.

    My Death Wish Coffee just showed up in the mail today and I am so looking forward to a deliciously piping hot, full bodied, intensely caffeinated cup of coffee.

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  9. PCRunningAmok says:

    I personally prefer my coffee to include ground up feathers of bald eagles and be stored in sacks made from the skins of baby seals.

  10. Traces says:

    ? Robusta (cheap-o beans) is ~ 2x the caffeine content of Arabica (expensive beans). This is what’s in the low-end brands in big tubs…

  11. Me! says:

    If you like super-strong coffee, you should try Black Blood of the Earth from Funranium Labs. Cold-extracted, very yummy. And TONS of caffeine.

  12. jack says:

    This reads like ad copy

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  14. Alex says:

    Wait, you made iced coffee by pouring fresh, hot coffee over ice? That doesn’t sound good.

  15. sherloq says:

    I think you mean “Frankenstein’s monster”.

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  17. neo says:

    Sounds interesting. I had the same expectations as you but your positive review has me intrigued.

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  19. David says:

    @ Gabby : Cool beans is my personal trademark – Marry me!!

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  21. art wegweiser says:

    Charming name. Where can I get to try some of this and how much>
    Allison Park, PA

  22. art wegweiser says:

    Charming name. Who thought oF Death Wish?

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  24. Jason says:

    Is it sold in stores?

  25. Mary says:

    We are San Francisco French Roast (from Costco), lovers.

    I love this coffee, rich, full bodies, and you only need two cups…if that!


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