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Peacock Willy's Hump day

WHO TV Girl, Le Blorr, Saskatchewan, Florida Kilos, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Dirty Names

DATE & TIME Wednesday, June 27, 2012; 630PM

VENUE Will’s Pub / The Peacock Room


Peacock Willy’s Hump Day, coming Wedensday June 27th in Orlando, is going to be a doozy. Theres plenty of options to spend an amazing night on the town but perhaps none as promising as Monster Natures’ Peacock Willy’s Hump Day Extravaganza.

Peacock Willy’s Humpday will pay tribute to all of you hard-working folk, who wish to splice your week with a dose of love, community, music and booty shakin’ rock-n-Roll.

For $10 you have Full Access to BOTH Will’s Pub and Peacock Room for the entire night.

★ Will’s Pub ★ (Doors: 9:00p)
TV Girl
Le Blorr
Florida Kilos

★ Peacock Room PRE-PARTY ★ (Doors: 6:30p)
Roadkill Ghost Choir
Dirty Names

★ Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 ★
@ Peacock Room — AND — Will’s Pub
(1321 N. Mills Ave) — AND — (1042 N. Mills Ave)
Doors: 6:30p
$10 DOS

Advance Tickets Available HERE.

TV Girl (San Diego, CA)

TV Girl is an American, indie-pop band made up of Trung Ngo and Brad Petering from San Diego, California. They play some lo-fi rock and they are influenced by Beat Happening and surf music.

In late 2010, their Todd Rundgren sampling song “If You Want It” gained traction on the internet and became popular enough for Warner Music Group to take notice and take it down. Their second EP, Benny and the Jetts, is available for free through their Facebook. Their Debut Mixtape “The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle” was released through Das Racist’s Greedhead label. It’s available for free on the internet.

Le Blorr (Satellite Beach, FL)

Le Blorr is the Florida based duo of Chris Hess (Cookie) and Adam Winn (Hot Damm). Their debut EP “Bim Bom” combines elements of psychedelic rock n’ roll and electronic dance music weaved together with Bossa Nova interludes that create a lucid dream for willing listeners.

“Frankly, Bim Bom kills, and tops the list of albums missed because we were too busy with Arcade Fire.” (Consequence of Sound)

“Le Blorr is the dynamic duo fresh out of Florida with sing-along tracks and a high voltage live performance that has the girls ripping off their clothes and the walls dripping sweat.” (Z!NK Magazine)

“Le Blorr is a gritty, raunchy, psychedelic (and oh-so-satisfying) dose of rock ‘n roll.” (OCMD music Blog)

Saskatchewan (Orlando, FL)

Just another boy band from Orlando.

Pre-order the limited Skinny Dipping cassette release and download the tunes for free on bandcamp!

Florida Kilos (Tampa, FL)

Met on a boat. Wrote songs at the beach. Rented hotels. Dug neon lights. Delivering love, surf, sunburns and vacational excess via the sounds of tomorrow, today..

Roadkill Ghost Choir (Orlando, FL)

Playing music and Ping-pong.

Dirty Names (Annapolis, MD)

Hailing from Annapolis Maryland, Dirty Names have arrived with the purpose of bringing back the lost art of pure Rock and Roll with a modern twist. This up and coming band is comprised of four young men who have been playing music since they could shake a rattle. The Dirty Names are currently touring across America with their new record SWEAT BOX, spreading their gospel and building a Rock and Roll community. Being referred to as the “best Rock & Roll band since The Rolling Stones” and the “hardest working band in show business”, the Dirty Names are continuing to deliver the high caliber, high energy shows that they are known for at a venue near you.


Wed Jun 27

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