Swamp Abyss Sorcery Fest

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Hollow Leg Orlando Florida You Are Doomed
Hollow Leg. Photo by Garrett Elkins.

WHO Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, Hollow Leg, Orbweaver, Hot Graves, Druid Lord, Flying Snakes, Fire in the Cave, Demonaut

DATE & TIME Saturday, October 13, 2012; 6PM DOORS (Show at 7PM SHARP)

VENUE Backbooth


THE “DROPP” Earlier this year we got something called the Swamp Abyss Sorcery compilation from Satanik Recordings, an 11-track album featuring the “Now sound ov Florida heavy.” It was meant to showcase some of the best heavy music coming out of the Sunshine State and did a fine job at that. Ranging from Shroud Eater’s sinister sludge, to Hollow Leg’s dangerously doom-like crawl, Orbweaver’s spastic blood-soaked progression and beyond, the compilation was a spot-on snapshot of the kind of heavy and confounding power that has been coming from Florida for the past few years. Holly Hunt had some exciting news singing to Other Electricies a little while back, too. It’s been something of a ride for the community down here, but 90 Proof Productions and Rise Above Tattoos are bringing that heavy to your doorstep. With bands from Miami (via Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater and Orbweaver), Jacksonville (a’la Hollow Leg), St. Pete (Flying Snakes), Gainesville (Hot Graves) and right here in Orlando (thanks to Fire in the Cave and Druid Lord), it’s good to see bands from such a massive state find a common meeting ground. Converging at the epicenter, they’ll find themselves this Saturday in the throws of some dirty and downright vicious fun.

There’s another little surprise, though. Demonaut are joining the bill as a guest band, only they’re from Atlanta. What’s a Georgia band doing on the bill for a show celebrating Florida’s heaviest, you ask? Well, considering the band’s trippy space-themed mire and the Southern bond our borders share, it’s really no wonder. Now check out that compilation above and prepare for the enveloping chaos this weekend that will surely consume you.


Sat Oct 13

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