Two Piece Mini Fest 4

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Two Piece Mini Fest 4, Orlando, Florida

WHO TWO PIECE MINI FEST 4, w/ Bob on Blonde, Hot Hands, Trails, Bellows, Disasteroids, The Moon is a Disco Ball, The Dull Blades, Mother Machine, Super Ultra Sounds, Infinite Earths

DATE & TIME Friday, October 19, 2012; 7PM DOORS

VENUE Will’s Pub // Lil Indies


THE “DROPP” Are you dying to see an entire mini fest devoted to two-piece bands? Were you not even aware you wanted that until now? Orlando’s Two Piece Mini Fest has got you covered with 10 bands in one night for $5 ($0.50 a band, you mathematicians!).

Two Piece Mini Fest is a biannual happening, and this is officially the fourth happening to happen. Located on two stages this Friday, the mini fest will be exploring the brand new—and long-awaited—Lil Indies right next door to Will’s Pub. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Lil Indies is not Orlando’s newest, up-and-coming 17-year-old auto-tuned rapper but a smaller, more chilled out wine and craft beer bar complete with an art gallery. It’s also non-smoking for those of you who haven’t yet given up all hope on your lungs.

The bands at this fourth fest are filled with experimental and fusion genres from the rock-n-rollers Bob on Blonde, the always entertaining Trails, the indie-folkers Bellows, and even mind-fuck metallers Infinite Earths. It seems to be a long and varied set list for the whole night, so I doubt there’s much to get bored over.

On a P.S. note, some of these bands I feel I’ve seen before and I could swear some of them are not two-pieces, so I’m wondering if some are actually going to pare themselves down for the sole purpose of the mini fest’s schtick. But in any case, I’m interested to see a whole night devoted to this particular group dynamic. Let the twosomes commence.



Fri Oct 19

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