Bon Iver’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards commercial

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As a lot of you know, Bon Iver is up for a few big Grammy Awards–Record of The Year, Song Of The Year and Best New Artist. On Feb. 12th, the 54th annual Grammy Awards will be given out at the Staples Center, but the ceremony will not be hearing a performance by the nominated big band. However, this visually stimulating commercial might make up for some lost stage time and is one-of-four creations to promote the red-carpet event. The airy and whimsical “Holocene” soundtracks the video quite appropriately.

–Zach Frimmel

Update: The Grammys, Pandora and Pepsi teamed together to produce something called the Best New Artist series for this years’ award show. It’s meant to profile some of the best new artists in an interview with some footage of the musicians. You can watch the two videos below, but when you see the 2nd video keep in mind Justin Vernon’s statement to New York Times and it might put a different spin on things.

Also, in other breaking news, Rosie O’Donnell officially listened to Bon Iver after her slathering of Arcade Fire last year, tweeting, “well first listen it sounded a tad redundant — i like the song perth — its good music for making dinner.”

So glad Rosie could grace us with her insight.

Wed Feb 1

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