Sufjan Stevens / Son Lux / Serengeti collaborate on “Museum Day”

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In one of the oddest (yet sensible) collaborations to come this year so far, Sufjan Stevens has teamed up with rapper Serengeti and electronic musician Son Lux—or Ryan Lott.

Both Stevens and Serengeti are from Chicago and first met in 2009 when they worked together on Serengeti’s remix of Sufjan’s “You Are the Blood” from the charitable compilation Dark Was the Night. But Stevens, Serengeti and Son Lux are calling their collaboration “s / s / s,” and they will be releasing a four-track EP called Beak & Claw March 20 via Anticon. The cover for the EP is pictured above.

One of the first tracks we can hear from this new (assuredly odd) EP is “Museum Day,” a six-minute whirring track with an auto-tuned Stevens and Serengetti talk rapping.

You can listen to “Museum Day” below and check out the track listing for Beak & Claw after the jump:

—Robert Miller

(shared from the Soundcloud of s / s / s)

Beak & Claw EP:

01 Museum Day
02 Beyond Any Doubt
03 If This Is Real
04 Octomom

Tue Mar 6

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