The National will open for President Barack Obama September 1

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The National - open for President Obama

Dropped by Robert Miller

It’s no secret that Brooklyn-based indie “dad rock” band The National have fervently supported the current President Barack Obama. From “Mr. November” T-shirts with Obama’s face plastered on it, to their song “Fake Empire” appearing in a polictical ad, to opening for Obama’s presidential speech in Madison, Wisconsin on September 28, 2010, The National haven’t exactly gone politically neutral in the past four years.

But now, with the new Presidential Election on the horizon in 2012, The National have re-instated their support for President Obama’s re-election by opening for him September 1, 2012 in Des Moines, Iowa, which they announced via their Twitter account.

Also, in other National-related news, they seem to be working on new recordings, following their 2010 release, High Violet, The National posted this picture to their Instagram account with the mysterious message, “There he goes [smiley face],” accompanying it.

We don’t officially know yet if this means a new album, a new EP or an entirely different project altogether, but it’s exciting nonetheless.


Watch The National’s most recent music video for High Violet cut, “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” below:

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