WATCH: Sigur Rós – “Dauðalogn”

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Dropped by Robert Miller

If you were waiting for Sigur Rós to come out with a 6–7 minute condensed version of Planet Earth with their own music as the soundtrack, then you’re in luck.

The eighth film to come from Sigur Rós’ “Mystery Film Experiment” is for the Valtari track “Dauðalogn.” Beginning with shots of stars and the universe and eventually moving on to nature on Earth, it’s a series of sped-up shots from director Henry Jun Wah Lee and was shot in Yakushima, an island off the southern coast of Japan.

Each director in this experiment is given the exact same budget to create whatever type of video they choose. They were given no restraints and or rules—essentially creative freedom.

We’ve been keeping track of the series and you can check out these links below to see them all, but watch the newest video for “Dauðalogn” here right after this list:

Film #1: “Ég Anda”
Film #2: “Varúð”
Film #3: “Fjögur Píanó”
Film #4: “Rembihnútur”
Film #5: “Ég Anda”
Film #6: “Varúð”
Film #7: “Varðeldur”

Film #8: “Dauðalogn”:

Tue Aug 28

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