Holly Hunt to release “Year One” in December

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Holly Hunt - Year One album cover

Dropped by Robert Miller

Holly Hunt: “Klub”

We previously reported a couple months ago that Holly Hunt, Miami’s droning female-male duo, signed to Other Electricies. Now, we’re all going to get a little taste of that fruition. Holly Hunt will be releasing their full-length album, Year One, via Other Electricities and Roofless Records, Dec. 11, 2012.

You can see Year One‘s skeletal artwork at the top of this article, and you can listen to the track “Klub” above, as well (via SoundCloud).

Holly Hunt is a Miami duo comprised of drummer Betty Monteavaro and guitarist Gavin Perry. Completely instrumental, the band is a mix of drone, doom and sometimes just plain rock-n-roll. Monteavaro has already been a staple in the Florida music scene as the former drummer of stoner/sludgers Floor. As one of the current heavy bands on the rise in the Sunshine State, Holly Hunt’s brand of eclectic, trippy and instru-metal music is an experience to behold live or with some good sound-canceling headphones. Make sure you let this music envelop you as much as possible.

Check out Holly Hunt’s Facebook page for more information on the album and a chance to get your hands on it when it comes out. Also, check out a stream of Year One below, including the songs “Klub,” “Manchurian Candidate,” “Molasses and “Destroy All Monsters.”


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