Purity Ring collaborates with Danny Brown on “Belispeak II”

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Purity Ring - Danny Brown - Belispeak II

Dropped by Robert Miller

Purity Ring: “Belispeak II (feat. Danny Brown)”

You read that title right. The introspective electronic Montreal-based duo Purity Ring have joined forces with idiosyncratic rapper Danny Brown for “Belispeak II,” a sort of remix from their Shrines track “Belispeak.”

Brown spits about hunger, lack of sleep, and his actual “belly” speaking, which leads me to assume he’s talking about his stomach rumbling in hunger.

Purity Ring first Tweeted “we’ve got treats.” Then eventually: “uploading… .. …” And then finally they shared the song. Today, though, they Tweeted again saying, “Turns out we actually like this new version of belispeak so much that we’re getting rid of the old one entirely.”

You can listen to the Purity Ring/Danny Brown collab “Belispeak II” above and you can also check out the official music video for Purity Ring’s “Belispeak” below for . . . comparison.


Wed Oct 10

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