Gates of Mourning shares new song from upcoming Swamp Ruins split

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Gates of Mourning - new song

Dropped by Robert Miller

Gates of Mourning: "The Chalice, The Blade, and the Summoning Therein"

Now, I know you all haven’t been privy to this, but two local, Orlando-based heavy acts—solo black metal project Gates of Mourning and doom duo (recently made trio) Swamp Ruins—have said that they will be recording a split in the near future.

The last time we heard any official Gates material was back when its sole founding member, Daniel Morris, released his debut full-length alubm over a year ago, Nightfall Blooms and Golden Horns. Now, we get a brand new track, seemingly called “The Chalice, the Blade, and the Summoning Therein” which should appear on the split with Swamp Ruins, pitting fast, kinetic black metal against sludgy, powerful doom.

This new Gates track seems to have significantly upped the production value from the previous album as synthesizers and stringed instruments play a more prominent role with Morris’s yowls ringing much clearer above the continuous drone of blast beats and majestic leads.

You can hear the new Gates of Mourning track at the top of this article and stay tuned to his Facebook page for future information on new material and the upcoming split.


Tue Nov 13

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