Sufjan Stevens shares seven wacky videos for his new Christmas album

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Sufjan Stevens - Merry Christmas infomercial

Dropped by Robert Miller

About a week ago, Sufjan Stevens released his newest box set of Christmas music in a collection called Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Volumes 6–10. The boxed set was already a jam-packed mess of fun—yet non-essential— paraphernalia, such as stickers, temporary tattoos and coloring book pages, but Stevens is on a roll with the weird and nothing’s going to stop him now.

Stevens, along with Jeff Shoop, Deborah Johnson and Rosie Thomas, created a series of seven videos called the “Friendship Slay Ride.” They’re like goofy Saturday Night Live skits, including an infomercial for Silver & Gold, a monster truck rally, an ad for a law office, a Richard Simmons-esque workout video, a fake sitcom and more. It’s completely absurd, but yet again, it’s Stevens’ own twist on the holiday.


Check out all seven of Sufjan Stevens’ “Friendship Slay Ride” videos below:

“Silver & Gold Infomercial”:

“Betwixt Two Furs”:

“Monster Trucks”:

“It’s Just Sheila”:

“Law Office”:

“Sheila Campaign”:

“Friendship Slay Ride”:

Tue Nov 20

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