Lemuria to record new album for 2013 on Bridge Nine with J. Robbins

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Dropped by Robert Miller

Hailing from the great white tundra of Buffalo, New York, indie punk rockers Lemuria have entered the studio to write and record for a new, currently untitled, album.

This will be the follow-up to their acclaimed 2011 sophomore LP, Pebble, and they will be recording with producer J. Robbins (Hey Mercedes, mewithoutYou, The Dismemberment Plan) in his brand new studio in Baltimore.

“We have some plans for a few guest appearances on this record, and also some new sounds and ideas to progress from Pebble,” Lemuria bassist Max Gregor said, regarding the upcoming album. “That said, we’re going to be writing up to when we enter the studio, and of course a bit in the studio as well, so nothing is out of the question. Also, Alex will be tracking all of his drum parts while his kit is on fire.”

Stay tuned in the future for more updates on the new album, out sometime in 2013.


Watch Lemuria’s music video for “Wise People” below:

Thu Dec 6

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