New Youth Lagoon album details finalized

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Dropped by Robert Miller

Late last year, we discovered that Youth Lagoon’s Trevor Powers finished recording his sophomore album—the then-untitled, untracklisted and un-album-art-covered project.

Youth Lagoon has now officially announced his sophomore follow-up to 2011′s Year of Hibernation. It’s called Wondrous Bughouse and will be released on Fat Possum March 5.

There was another new photo posted to Youth Lagoon’s Facebook, which you can view at the top of this article. There is still no official word on whether or not this is the album art, and it’s different from another photo he posted on his Facebook profile last November, which we though may have potentially been the cover art. You can view the other photo below, as well as the full tracklist after the jump.

Which potential album art cover do you like better, if either of those even become the album art in the first place?


Wondrous Bughouse:

01 Through Mind and Back
02 Mute
03 Attic Doctor
04 The Bath
05 Pelican Man
06 Dropla
07 Sleep Paralysis
08 Third Dystopia
09 Raspberry Cane
10 Daisyphobia

Fri Jan 4

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