Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Can’t Hold Us” music video busts out the camels, dogsleds and adventure to spare

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Cant Hold Us music video

Dropped by Robert Miller

In more well-shot news from the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis department, the Seattle-based hip-hop artists and beats maker released a music video for the opening Heist track, “Can’t Hold Us.”

Featuring dogsleds, seaplanes, camels, old-school warships and haircuts on the beach (?), the duo seem to be making a statement about how no one can . . . hold them back, I guess? (Pun unintended.) They travel to some rather exotic locations in the video and mostly end up in the city. Like most of their album, there’s an inspirational element shining through the song, no matter how fleeting, and this over-the-top video is a romp like most of what the two of them do.

Check out Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ music video for “Can’t Hold Us” below.


Wed Apr 17

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